Custom Client Homes

Here are some of the Custom Homes projects that we have completed for our clients in the past. In each project, we worked closely with each client to create something individual and uniquely designed for their own needs and preferences. We would love to help you create a similiar custom home solution.

At Wilson and Hart, we listen, we understand and we help you get the home that YOU want.

South Perth

Showing Wilson and Hart’s diversity of skills, this striking South Perth home was designed by a 3rd party and the owner chose Wilson and Hart to build with.

The owner had great vision and working with our professional interior designer created a complete style internally and externally with a mix of his own supplied materials and our decorator’s selection expertise.

A true example of how Wilson and Hart can work with owners in a variety of ways to help you achieve the home YOU want.


This super busy couple didn’t let their gruelling work schedules get in the way of creating a wonderful family home full of bright colours and textures.

With one partner on FIFO and the other with a demanding job, plus the rigours of raising a young family, how did they get the time to think about building a new home?

With the help of Wilson and Hart’s direct client service approach and professional interior decorator, their confidence to build and use true to form bright colour, natural timber, earthy features shine through. Another example of how Wilson and Hart can help you create the home YOU want.



Wilson and Hart designed and built this ultra modern home on a narrow 10m block for owners who were well versed with building. The block had steep retaining on two sides and the design required a step-down into the living areas, all of which was designed into a flowing, functional family home.

The design brief was to be bright and daring. Working with our professional interior designer, the couple went all out with colour and design ideas.

Wilson and Hart worked with the owners and their own ability to source and supply their own items, together the home was completed in under 12 months creating a vibrant, resort style retreat and allowing the owners to capture the real value of this small lot.


The owner’s of this wonderful Karrinyup home hadn’t built in over 25 years. Wilson and Hart designed the home to suit all of their requirements both now and into the future. From the outset the kitchen, living, family and alfresco areas were to be the key to this home.

The owners allowed the experience of Wilson and Hart’s professional interior designer to assist them get their own feel of colours and selections into the completed home. The example above showing the kitchen finished in gloss white which contains a scullery / pantry out of sight.

Particular with their choice of finishes and their expectations of Wilson and Hart, once construction started they felt comfortable enough to head off on an around the world trip. A wonderful home and a delight to build for these clients.

The Ardross

This home was commissioned to Wilson & Hart to be built with a South African style finish. It was an individual design to take into account the beautiful location in Ardross overlooking a park.

The home had an extremely high specification including a custom designed kitchen with unique timber finishings. It’s possibly the most expensive kitchen that Wilson & Hart has built, and the home all up was circa $750,000.

The couple who own the home were an extremely busy professional couple who had extended family overseas, and were therefore often overseas, and ultimately during construction moved overseas for work. Again this shows the communication and coordination abilities which Wilson & Hart has.

Wilson and Hart are used to building homes for owners that are in particular circumstances whereby they need confidence in the builder – that the builder is going to be reliable, understand what they are seeking and to be able to produce a finished product that the owners will love.


This home is in a lovely street in Waterman. This is an example of an older home that was a knock down and Wilson and Hart created this wonderful family home.

Early in our discussions with these clients, they let us know they were moving overseas and wanted someone to manage the project for them. Wilson & Hart undertook the complete specification of the home and started construction. The clients had already left to go overseas and while they were away, they advised us they probably wouldn’t be back before the home was finished.

The home is two storey with a nice void over the entertaining area, and an outlook over the pool. Wilson and Hart incorporated the pool design and installation.

This home was a complete finish, Wilson and Hart completed full retaining around the neighbours rear fences as the block sat significantly lower than the neighbours on two sides. Wilson and Hart also installed the full timber flooring, carpets, remote control electric blinds, security, the alfresco fit out with a full outdoor kitchen, a TV and a fireplace as well as full landscaping.

This home was built to a high specification home and the owners were updated regularly by us via photos which we emailed to them.

The owners advised Wilson & Hart that they were coming back from overseas to have a look. They walked into the home and did an inspection with us and paid the final invoice on the spot – they were very happy.

The Manor House

The Manor House in the shire of Kalamunda and it’s a very good example of how flexible and customised Wilson and Hart’s building expertise is.

This home was designed to a specific brief and Wilson and Hart completed the home including the appropriate internal fit-out, decorations, etc. The result is quite a striking unique home.

Above all else, there would be very few builders in Perth that you could ask for the brickwork to be done in this particular way. It shows the diversity of the workmanship that Wilson & Hart is able to engage.

The Stirling Cottage

This home is evidence that a custom built home doesn’t have to cost half a million dollars. This client was recommended to us as being a reputable builder who would help her with her very unusual block size and having a tight budget. The design is a three bedroom cottage style home, which is a house behind a house. The client was very detailed in terms of what she wanted. She had a tight, but reasonable budget. We made sure we made the most out of the budget for her. She had a very keen eye for interior finishings and ideas on how she wanted the house to look. Given her tight budget, the result is a stunning home.


Whether you are looking to build a custom designed single or two storey home, our flexible approach means that we can help you find a solution that meets your needs and budget and our team of expert building professionals can help you find the right home design for you and your budget.

Simply call us on 08 9349 1199 or email us via and we can help you start your exciting new journey to build a new home.