Demolish and Build 

We can help you demolish and build a new home 

Demolishing an existing home and building a new home is becoming a popular choice for home owners who love their location but want to upgrade their existing home or maximise the value of their property’s location.
At Wilson and Hart, we have plenty of experience working with our clients to manage this process which requires in-depth planning to ensure your new home is designed, approved and built in the minimum time frame so that you can enjoy your new home as soon as possible.

Our range of two storey home designs and single storey home designs can provide an easy solution or we can design a new custom home for you to create the home of your dreams.

Perth’s ever extending metropolitan area makes some people think they’d rather not live in the latest new subdivision up to 45 kilometers from the city but stick with the address they know and love.

If you’re thinking about building a new home on your existing block of land, there are many good reasons why. Everybody is different but the advantages are generally;

  1. Love and know the area. It’s established and holds precious memories.
  2. We’re so close to the city, we don’t want to drive for an hour to get to work.
  3. We’ve got the children into a great school and don’t want to disrupt them.
  4. We can sub-divide the block and sell part of it to pay for the new home.
  5. The old house just isn’t suitable anymore and is in constant need of maintenance.
  6. It’s going to cost as much to do a renovation and it’s still an old house.
  7. We just want a modern home with all the latest design and energy efficient innovations.
  8. What ever your reason, it makes good sense to consider building your new home on your existing block.

Demolishing and building is easier than you may think – if you choose the right builder. Wilson and Hart have nearly thirty years’ experience in this area and will guide you through the entire process seamlessly.

Call us on 08 9349 1199 or email us to discuss the potential of demolishing and building a new home for you.