Frequently Asked Questions

Property Investment

What factors need to be considered before building for property investment?

They key to investing in this market is the location of the land and understanding what can be done on the block. What size, what zoning, what are the council planning requirements.

When it comes to smaller, inner suburban lots, it’s common to have dual zoning which allows greater density for development for instance with two storey. Understanding this and location benefits like transport, shopping, local amenities, schools and even proximity to hospitals and universities all allow for greater investment potential.

It is important when building two storey investment homes that the designs are efficient and maximise the return for the block. Too much upstairs and they will be expensive, too little and there won’t be the space in the home.

What do I need to consider when building for property investment?

The key to successful property investment when building a new home in Perth or Western Australia, is to work with a builder who knows the local market.

Some of the things you might like to consider:

  • Buying in a cheaper suburb that has capacity for growth.
  • Buying in a more expensive area but maximising your budget to make a home really fit into the area and maximise its value.
  • Buying a block that has future development potential.

Some important questions to ask before you buy a property for investment and to build:

  • Will the block I am interested in be able to fit the home on it that I can afford to build?
  • What is the proximity to services such as universities, hospitals, transport (trains, buses, airport), commercial areas like shopping centres or social areas like cafe& restaurant locations.

Everyone has different views on what is important to them and their circumstances and Wilson+Hart can discuss locations and the benefits with you.

When should I involve Wilson+Hart in the property investment process?

Before purchasing a block, if you’re unsure about what the costs will be to build on it, we’d be happy to organise to meet you to walk over the block to discuss any issues you are concerned about.

You could be considering demolishing an established house and we can advise re this process and look at issues that regularly arise with this type of development.

Things we can look at for you are:

  • Are there any large trees on the block?
  • Existing swimming pools or septic tanks that need to be removed or worked around?
  • What are the levels like and will it be expensive to level the block to build a new home?

All of these items are important considerations and if you are unfamiliar with building in Perth, it’s well worth having the discussion with a builder that provides genuine one on one service.

Two Storey Homes

Why do people choose Wilson+Hart to build their Two Storey Homes?

Building a two storey home is different. It requires an understanding of design beyond your typical project home builder.

Wilson+Hart offer clients maximum flexibility to make changes which gives you the ability to be yourself. That means you have the freedom to say yes or no to a design and not feel you have to settle for something you may only just be happy with.

If you are struggling for design ideas, we have over forty standard two storey home designs to choose from as a starting point or you can take advantage of our individual design service and we can create a custom home design just for you.

We have loads of designs to suit any block shape that you might need to work with.

From 10m wide blocks, our Centro design offers an efficient spacious floorplan and a rear loading garage. In our 12m designs, you can start with the Hillarys and Sorrento designs for the budget conscious which start at under $300,000.

For larger blocks, the range offers our popular and classic models like the Chianti and Diva which will fit on 15m lots. These are fantastic family homes with generous secondary bedrooms that offer the benefit of all rooms being capable of taking queen size beds, which we find is a key need for families with older teenagers still living at home.

The range extends all the way through to the Isla Vista, a grand 450m2 home with luxury master suite that makes you feel like you are living in a 5 star hotel. The home is designed to have separate entertainment areas, so that it is ideal for families with older children. With this home design, we aim to provide a version that can suit all types of needs. For example, the standard Isla Vista design has the master bedroom located downstairs, however we also offer 6 distinct models in the Isla Vista range, including one with the Master Suite located upstairs. The home also has a triple garage option to fit on 18m blocks.

What we typically find though is buyers in this market have strong ideas about what they want and so our design process is the key to downloading all those ideas and images you have about what you can see yourself living in.

As a quality Western Australian home builder, our standard inclusions in our homes are:

  • china basins & WC suites,
  • semi frameless showerscreens,
  • double powerpoints throughout the home,
  • two way switching in the stairwell and hallways,
  • colorbond or clay tile roofs as standard.
What configurations do you offer in your Two Storey Homes?

We have a wide range of Two Storey Home Designs to choose from to fit a range of different sized block frontages. Each design can be individually customised for your needs or alternatively we can design a custom built home just for you.

Two Storey Home Narrow Block-10m frontage

If you are building on a narrow lot, two storey home designs typically need to be carefully designed or adapted to make the most of a long narrow block to ensure that you can maximise floor space and the style of your elevation.

Wilson+Hart have many years of experience dealing with the demands of narrow blocks and our two storey narrow block designs include a range of different two storey configurations including 3 bedrooms or 4 bedrooms with the master bedroom upstairs, two bathrooms, front or rear garage options and many with stylish inner courtyards to maximise the amount of light and windows as well as create an ideal entertaining space.

Two Storey Home Narrow Block – 12m and 12.5m frontage

This is a common narrow lot size and we offer a range of two storey home designs for this size of narrow block.

With a 12 to 12.5m frontage, two storey narrow block designs can incorporate an alfresco at the rear of the home and offer an open living style design which is a popular choice with many families and a great investment decision for property investors.

Customers are typically looking for a 4 bedroom design and with 12m narrow block designs, you have the benefit of having the option of having the main bedroom upstairs or downstairs. Many of our two storey home designs in this size bracket are suited to rear loading or rear lane lots with a double garage located at the rear.

Two Storey Home – 15m frontage

If you have a block with a 15m frontage, this gives you plenty of space and flexibility with choosing your two storey home design and is an ideal solution for the needs of a large family home.

The key difference with 15m two storey house designs is that the double garage is no longer the key feature of the street frontage and it gives you many options with the design and elevation of your two storey home.

A 15m wide lot gives you total flexibility on the location of the bedrooms upstairs or downstairs, so that you can choose the best configuration of bedrooms and bathrooms that meets the needs of your family and your life stage.

Two Storey Home Designs – over 15m

With lots that have frontages wider than 15m, usually 17m or 18m wide, this gives you total flexibility with the design of a two storey house. The benefit of this width of block is that we can easily design your home to give you the types of features that are on most people’s wish lists for a home.

Our two storey designs offer impressive and large flowing spaces with open plan living areas and wide sliding or bifold doors opening onto alfresco areas creating a sense of bringing the outdoors inside. However with blocks of this size, it’s important to build style and flow into the design, not just size. This is what Wilson+Hart specialise in as two storey home builders and we understand the needs of the Western Australian lifestyle and property market.

Upside Down Designs

Wilson+Hart also offer a range of two storey designs that are upside down designs – with the living rooms and kitchens located upstairs. This style of two storey house design is often preferred when your block has the benefit of the views from upstairs and you are wanting to maximise your enjoyment of the views. These two storey home designs are ideal for sloping blocks or blocks that have views over parks, river or ocean views.

What elevations do you offer for Two Storey Homes? What if I don’t like the elevation featured on your house plan but I like the plan?

The street view or elevation some consider to be the most important feature of the home.

  1. Wilson+Hart have a range of homes containing contemporary lines of steeper roof pitch with some skillion features and bold glass and steel features through to more traditional shingle tile elevations.
  2. All elevations are modifiable. We assist with professional help to ensure your colour selections suit the elevation and local visual environment.
  3. The choice of elevation is a personal one and can be influenced by many things like the neighbourhood, a recent holiday, magazine pictures, a dream home, elements of several homes, it all comes down to personal choice. If this all sounds confusing, the first place to start is “do I want my home to stand out or be a part of the surroundings”?
What types of things can I customise?

With Wilson+Hart, this is the key, the short answer is you can customise everything. We don’t lock you into specific suppliers, we don’t insist on this design or that way.

Flexibility in our approach is what our client’s enjoy about the Wilson+Hart experience and knowing that we stand by our word, if we say we’ll do it, we’ll do it.

How do I determine if your design will fit on my block? What if if doesn’t?

This is a common question, especially when clients own a block already or are considering purchasing one. The simple way is to know the dimension of the block and ask our consultant or design team.

Each council will have different ways to apply their rules but in simple terms, 1m off one boundary and 1.5m off the other boundary but this varies on local subdivision and town planning schemes for instance if a particular estate has zero lot line on one boundary. Front setbacks will vary from estate to estate as well so the depth of the block is important if you are considering installing a pool.

What are the current trends in Two Storey Homes?

Trends in design come and go but at Wilson+Hart we find that some things stay the same – particularly when they are linked to lifestyle needs.

  • Open living and open kitchen designs

Many open living homes have kitchens that are so stunning that you don’t want to stack the dirty dishes on the counter. This led to the scullery or the ‘wet kitchen’ located beside the kitchen that hides all the mess. The scullery is also a fantastic place for the large crockery, dinner sets and endless arrangement of kitchen appliances, plus all those food stores.

  • Resort style Master Bedrooms with luxurious Walk in Robes

The trend continues for master bedrooms to be a retreat from busy lives and for storage to be a high priority. There is a strong demand for large wardrobes in the master bedroom with luxurious fitouts to keep clothes, shoes, suits, and bags in style.

  • Striking elevations and exteriors

When it comes to street design, there is an endless array of imagination. The big bold shapes, square blocks of render and steel are being softened now but with large bold natural looks of block timber and vertical landscaping. There’s a fashion of the “Hampton” style of lapped timber and large white windows. Beyond this, a re-emergence of French “Parisian” style with feature dado bands and grand entrances.

  • Mixed media exterior finishes with feature cladding

There has been an abundance of stone cladding over the past 5 years. The refined look now includes exclusive clay bricks or large ceramic tiles to really lift the elevation of the home. Stone is still an option however the luxury home look doesn’t have the cladding, it now has full stone features hand laid in random patterns.

  • Stunning staircases

With the longer narrow lots prevalent, we find there is a move to long straight staircases. This allows for some stunning design. Wilson+Hart can install all sorts of stairs, straight steel single spines ideal for natural timber tread. Another trend is the straight stairs with a void allowing the stairs to be a major presence in the design. This can be done with a solid balustrade creating a solid visual from the design basis.

Why don’t you have a lot of different Two Storey Homes designs?

Wilson+Hart have found in the 30 years of building two storey homes that our clients are all individuals. By listening, we find each client wants something different.

To get the design right, we don’t just cut and paste a design, that’s what leads to unusable expensive wasted space. We often will start with a blank page, a bespoke approach with a hand drawn sketch. Sure later, it can be a CAD version with 3D elevations, but the key is in the design interpretation, which is in reality, just listening to you, the client.

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