Some Useful Tools

We’ve included some tools to help you understand the design and building process. If nothing else it allows you to think of some of the questions you’d like us to help you with. At any stage, give us a call on 9349-1199 if you’d like to discuss your particular circumstances.

Building Timeline

This summary timeline will give you an idea of the stages and the time associated with each; Design, Planning, Documentation, Construction, Handover and Maintenance.

Every client is different and there are many external variables like planning and the site particulars so please just use it as a guide.

At Wilson and Hart, we use the latest technology in project timeline tools for each client and we can share those with you as your home progresses through the design phase and into construction. This is a real life example and you can see the level of detail.

Or you can download our “Detailed Guide to the Building Process

New Home Budget Planner

One of the questions we’re asked all the time at Wilson and Hart is how much will it cost to complete the home once the owner is given the keys?

The answer depends on how much the owner is wanting the builder to do or to do themselves. Also it depends on the level of finish and when exactly all the items need to be finished.

It’s not uncommon for some owners to take the keys to their home and move in and then complete the landscaping for instance after a year. Others of course want us to complete the whole lot so they’re moving into a finished home, “turnkey” complete with garden, pool, finished floors and light fittings.


We’re flexible with what we do and what you do in finishing the home.

We’ve included this downloadable budget template so you can determine what you might want to do yourselves and roughly how much you’ll need to complete the home.

Of course, like anything regarding building your new home, give us a call, we can walk you through the process based on our years of experience.


UPDATED !! Buying a block or Demolishing an existing House

More and more Wilson and Hart clients are choosing to buy an older home in a more established suburb with a view to demolishing it and building a new home.

Our revised and updated e-book; “12 things to consider when buying a block to build on” can help you consider some of the issues when looking for that ideal block.

Request your copy of the e-book here


Detailed Guide to the Building Process

So you’ve bought a block, now you want a design to fit your block. Then what happens.

Download our detailed guide to the building process and how long it takes. Includes a section on the Council Planning process.

Questions to ask when designing a new home

Most of the homes Wilson and Hart build are designed specifically for the owners. Yes, we have “off the shelf” plans but if you’re thinking about building a new home, use our downloadable Design Questions to help you think through some of the inclusions you’d like.

If you’d like to meet with us and discuss what you’d like in a new home design, email us here