FAQs about Building a New Home

Here are a few of the frequently asked questions about building a new home and building with Wilson and Hart.

If you have a question that is not answered below, please don’t hesitate to call us on 08 9349 1199 or email the question to us via our enquiry form.

FAQ 1. What is a Custom/Boutique Builder?

As a “Boutique Builder”, we only build approximately 30 homes a year. This allows us the time and resources to customise our services to each of our clients’ needs and requirements and provide a very personalised service.

Rather than spend months looking through display homes and plans in the newspaper and then spend many thousands of dollars on modifications, we can create a unique design based on your brief, dreams and vision.

Most importantly, it won’t cost you any more to have your new home “custom” built by Wilson & Hart.

We start by listening to your ideas, your preferred style and how you think you’ll live in your new home and the special features you want in the home. If you are unsure, we have a unique CLIENT INTERNAL DESIGN ASSESSMENT (C.I.B.A.) to help understand your requirements.

At Wilson & Hart, you are a valued client and not just a number to us.

FAQ 2. Do we have to have a block of land before we talk to Wilson and Hart about the design of our house?

The simple answer is no.  However, if you already have a block we can start the design process immediately. Otherwise, our Housing and Design Consultant can help you find that dream block of land for your new home.

FAQ 3. How much would it cost for Wilson and Hart to design our home?

A preliminary consultation is complimentary. At this consultation, we’ll discuss your requirements using our unique C.I.B.A. process. From there, it is a simple step to proceed to have Wilson & Hart create an individual design sketch for you.

FAQ 4. What are Wilson and Hart’s building methods?

Every Wilson & Hart home is built with double brick external walls and concrete slabs and in strict accordance with the BCA (Building Codes of Australia). And, you are protected with a six year structural warranty and a six month maintenance period.

FAQ 5. How long would it take to build my home?

As a guide, our current construction times for a single storey home is approximately 6-8 months and for a 2 storey home approximately 10-12mths.  There are variables to consider in these time frames and the size and complexity of your home will also play a part. Additionally, there are some factors beyond our control such as weather, availability of trades, labour, materials, etc, which may affect the timeframes.  But remember, our goal is to deliver to you a quality built home on time and on budget!

FAQ 6. Can we make changes to our home while it is under construction?

Being a custom builder, we appreciate and respect your wishes and wherever possible, will allow you to make any changes at any time. However, to minimise costs and to avoid delays, changes should only be made “prior” to the work commencing. Additionally, structural changes may have to be re-submitted to the local authority and/or our structural engineer for approval which will incur additional costs.

FAQ 7. Am I able to get work done to my home while under construction?

Wilson & Hart are responsible for the building project during construction.  Works done by the client while the site is in our possession is only to take place if it is in our contract.  We believe it is in the client’s best interest for any work that is not in our contract to be done after completion of your home.

FAQ 8. Does Wilson and Hart use subcontractor labour?

Yes, however most of our tradespeople have been with us for many years.  We’re currently building homes for clients that have built homes with us previously and love the fact that they are seeing the same Site Supervisor and tradespeople who built their previous home now building their new home.