Building Quality Homes in Perth is our Focus

The way that we view people building a home through Wilson & Hart is that they are trusting us to provide good quality products and materials and this is why we only work with partners and suppliers that we can trust.   Anthony Kinder, Managing Director

Time and time again we get approached by companies wanting to sell us materials to put into Wilson & Hart homes. While there might be new brands and products that come out regularly, we have found that over the years for Wilson & Hart return to using leading household name brands and building materials in their homes, gives clients the peace of mind that we’re not taking short cuts. The quality of products is assured.

Trust and Customer Service is Important

Additionally, in the event that something unexpectedly happens, there is not only Wilson & Hart, but there is a large supplier standing by your product. In dealing with reputable brand name companies, if something does go wrong, you get the full service, the full back-up of a trusted name.

This can cover anything from bricks to kitchen materials such as benchtops, taps and sinks, and even to your bathroom fittings. Local backup is a key, if something goes wrong with a garage door for instance, having Wilson & Hart’s one on one service and a local supplier means any issue can be resolved quickly.

Our Preferred Suppliers

The following list of suppliers are companies that Wilson & Hart uses and we know we can rely on.


FAQ – Can I supply my own products to use in the home?

Whilst you are most welcome to supply your own materials, by working with our partners we can ensure you of correct sizes and fittings. It’s important to note the size of recesses to fit your products in, before you rush out and head to the sales.

Reliability and quality are important considerations. Time and time again, we see clients try to arrange their own trades and then have them not turn up, sometimes even after being paid a deposit. We see items being installed that aren’t designed to fit that the owners may have seen without understanding the correct application of the item.

So while we are flexible to allow your own preferred or supplied items, we’ll always try and help point out what sort of issues may arise.

As an example, we recently had a client really want a particular type of window system installed to the front of their home. There were difficulties in getting the product installed because they were not designed to fit a cavity brick wall style of build so Wilson & Hart had to finish off the installation to prevent the continual leaking. When it came time to install the flyscreens, the supplier, a small operator had vanished. No other supplier in Perth could supply flyscreens to fit these windows. The supplier then pops up in a new company and wants significantly more to install them.

This is a classic example of why Wilson & Hart chooses to deal with substantial firms, part of the WA building community, who we can rely on and they can rely on us. All of that adds up to our clients then being able to rely on us.

Furthermore, we are the sort of builder that if you want a built-in fridge or dishwasher, we’ll get the appliance picked up and taken to the cabinet maker to accommodate this happening. If you perhaps want to build your home whereby in the kitchen the fridge or dishwasher can’t be seen, or the microwave can’t be seen and you want a smooth and neat finish, we are more than happy to oblige.