Why We Do What We Do

Have you ever heard someone say “they’ve just built a house and never again”?

Well at Wilson and Hart we do everything possible to make sure that is not you.

We Listen, we ask questions, design, explain, share our knowledge and experiences, co-ordinate and construct, and build the home YOU want.

Personal – Respectful – Understanding – Passionate

At Wilson and Hart our key understanding is that each client is different.

We work to your requirements, not make you fit ours.

This means we’re flexible. This means we’ll listen. This means we’ll try to understand and try to make it work the best way it possibly can.

We all know what it’s like to be in a large store, needing some assistance with something, just needing a simple question answered and there’s just no one around. Or worse, when we’re told to stand in a queue and ‘take a number’. Frustration can start to peak.

That’s not Wilson and Hart. We’re a small team of experienced and passionate building professionals who take pride in knowing our clients on a first name basis.

It’s probably the reason we’ve been around for 30 years and yet you still may never of heard of us. No hype, no expensive glossy ads, just happy clients who tell others. That’s right, most of our clients come from knowing a client who’s built with us.

The result is our homes are so much more about you. Even if we’re building from your plans, you can move, change, delete, add whatever you like – it’s your home, it’s your prerogative.


Our clients are all individuals and we treat our clients as individuals.

There’s no contract number, job address, or ‘press two for service’ at Wilson & Hart. It’s one on one personal contact, be it with the owner of the company, designer, or site supervisor.


What might of suited another client may or may not suit you.

We’ll ask, offer, suggest; and when the plans are drawn, we know they are as much yours as any of our designs, and they’re based on what you’ve asked for – what you truly want. Your ideas may be for your own reasons, so we are not going to say that it’s not right, we’ll just be there to ensure you don’t make any major design errors.

If you have your own plans that you bring to us, it’s a common question, “If you drew these, what would you do differently”? We respect that the plans are yours, but you’ve asked our professional opinion so we can help refine until you’re confident you’re going to get the result you want.


We understand that building can be challenging, even stressful.

We understand that you are spending a lot of money, no matter what price the home is.

We understand you’ve worked hard to be able to afford building your home and that possibly you’ll be investing in at least several more years to pay for it.

We understand you may have built several homes before and don’t want any of the high pressure sales techniques.

We understand if you’ve never built before and need your hand held as you’re nervous you’ll miss something.

At Wilson and Hart we have the experience and knowledge to understand.


Our passion is about building a home that you’ll enjoy to live in; or if you’re an investor, building a property  you’ll enjoy the rewards of.

It’s why we build homes.

To see the enjoyment and excitement when you collect the keys to your new home.

It’s seeing the little things that you asked for that were once a dream turn into reality. To finally be in your new home that you can enjoy is why we give you the freedom to pick and choose what you want in the home.


Whether you are looking to build a single or two storey home, our flexible approach means that we can help you find a solution that meets your needs and budget.

Whether you are building for the first time, looking to upgrade the size of your home, planning an investment in property or unlocking the value of your existing residential property by demolishing and rebuilding – our team of expert building professionals can help you find the right home design for you and your budget.

Simply call us on 08 9349 1199 or email us via sales@wilsonandhart.com.au and we can help you start your exciting new journey to build a new home.