FAQs Property Development

Wilson & Hart as a custom design builder, is certainly able to design investment properties.

For instance, you can buy a block of land in Stirling, Canning, Manning, Maddington, or a whole host of areas some 5 to 15 kilometres from the CBD, which is large a piece of land >500m2 and perhaps with an older house on it that is possibly run-down, which has huge development potential. Wilson & Hart can design a concept to fit.

The key to the property development process is first of all understanding how much the block has cost you and the cost component of building say two homes, three homes, four homes, eight small apartments, or whatever the concept that you’re interested.

Understanding what the cost of it is going to be. Then understanding what the cost of that is as you factor in the cost in terms of the progress draws and putting the development through council and the water corporation, and all of the property development costs that are required.

Wilson & Hart has templates that we can sit down with and work through with you. Ultimately you want to ensure that when you commence your project, you have a solid outcome and a solid return that is built into that project.

Wilson & Hart can help you by understanding the sizes of the homes that can go onto the block and understanding what the sizes of the homes are likely to cost. This can be achieved through our design process. Once you get into the planning process, it is quite particular and you will find that there are not many projects where you can take a design from and place it on another block and make it work, even if the block size is identical.

At this level every council has its own requirements. Some councils will require landscaping plans and some will require bonds and deposits for various things. You need to work with a builder who is able to understand your circumstances, what your investment timeframe is, and what your capacity for the investment is. A builder who understands these will ensure the job is done right, your investment will work and you’ll want to do it again. When Wilson & Hart gets these investment calculations right with you, the chances are high that you’ll come back and do it again with us; and that is certainly something that happens with Wilson & Hart often.

We will discuss full timeframes with you. One of the other benefits is that we can provide a full turnkey service if that’s what you’re after, which means we can provide complete colour selections, the fit-out, wall painting, floor covering, landscaping, right down to the number on the letterbox. This means that your consideration is the investment and getting the finance. You can then leave us to do the things that we are good at; which is the design, moving the development process through council and then getting onto building it.

We have a substantial list of repeat property development clients, and we can show you examples of developments we have built on difficult blocks within strict timeframes to demonstrate that we are certainly capable of delivering your property development.

If you have a block, come in and have a chat about the concept, scope and budget of the sort of project you’re interested in.