Property Investment

Build a New Home for Property Investment 

Wilson & Hart can build a house for you for property investment in Perth, Western Australia or provide a turn-key property investment solution for investors living remotely, interstate or overseas.

Property investment is a great way to build wealth and increase your investment portfolio and Wilson and Hart has years of experience helping clients develop property investment opportunities.

Whether you are looking to build a new house to rent or sell, develop the potential of an existing block by sub-dividing or building a multi-unit development on the site or invest in property as part of a syndicate, Wilson and Hart can work with you to develop, design and build your property investment.

We offer one of the most competitively priced ranges of two storey homes in the Perth market which offer excellent investment opportunities for property investors. We have off-the-plan two storey designs to fit every type of block whether it is a narrow lot, a battle-axe block or a multi-unit development. We also have an experienced design team who can draw up a custom design for your investment project.

Call us or email us to set up an opportunity to discuss your project and see how we can help you maximise your investment opportunities.


Wilson & Hart are often approached by people who are located interstate or overseas and are wanting to relocate to Perth, or want to invest in property in Perth and Western Australia for a variety of reasons.

These reasons can range from purely for investment purposes, or to facilitate sending a child here for educational purposes to attend a particular school or University and therefore requiring living arrangements for that child, or perhaps to having extended family here and visiting frequently therefore requiring regular accommodation.

Wilson and Hart have a wide range of two storey and single storey home designs that can provide the perfect property investment opportunity for you.

Taking into account foreign investment laws, Wilson & Hart can certainly give advice in terms of what we think the good areas are and whether the price of the property you are looking at fits your requirements with your overall budget.

We can also manage the whole project for you, without you having to worry about attending site every week or every two weeks to see what’s happening with it all.

We have numerous examples of homes built whereby the clients have seen a vacant block, proceeded to purchase it, then discussed a design program with us and then when the home is complete all they have to do is come and pick up the keys from us.

This has all been achieved with the confidence of regular updates via email correspondence showing photos of the building progression.This level of one on one service means Wilson & Hart is often approached by clients who are FIFO or live overseas while their work commitments require it.


Wilson & Hart build many investment properties, including two storey townhouses. They key to investing in this market is the location of the land and understanding what can be done on the block. What size, what zoning, what are the council planning requirements.

When it comes to smaller, inner suburban lots, it’s common to have dual zoning which allows greater density for development for instance with two storey. Understanding this and location benefits like transport, shopping, local amenities, schools and even proximity to hospitals and universities all allow for greater investment potential.

It is important when building two storey investment homes that the designs are efficient and maximise the return for the block. Too much upstairs and they will be expensive, too little and there won’t be the space in the home.

Wilson & Hart’s design team have numerous examples of successful investment properties we have built on file, however in most cases the block shape, the council requirements and the individual budget will require something specific to be created and that’s exactly what we’re good at.

See our FAQ’s re Property Investment section for more tips on what you need to consider when building for property investment.

Property Investment Syndicates 

We are often asked to source profitable developments for investors, past clients and friends. Often, we can bring all parties together into a syndicate and tailor a development to suit them all. These range through vacant strata, duplex and triplexes to multi-unit sites and small commercial projects.

The developments are completely secure, backed by land titles with payments being made through progress payments (no up front lump sum). We are usually one of the syndicate members ourselves.

In some cases, we are able to arrange finance usually through existing equity that can be used over and over again without additional establishment costs.

Most people see this as an opportunity to put to work the capital tied up in other property, thereby earning an income that can be put towards creating greater wealth.


Whether you looking to build a home as a property investment, unlock the value of an existing property or enquire about investment syndicates for property investment, our flexible approach means that we can help you find a solution that meets your needs and budget.

Our team of expert building professionals at Wilson and Hart can help you assess the design and building options to work within your budget for property investment.

Simply call us on 08 9349 1199 or email us via and we can help you start your exciting new journey in property development.