Demolish and Build

Love where you live, but not your home?

As land in prime Perth locations becomes ever harder to find, the ‘demolish + build’ trend is gaining popularity. By knocking down an existing house, you can live in the location you love, with a new home custom designed around your lifestyle on investment needs.

Here’s why Perth homeowners demolish + build:

  • We already love and know the area – it’s established and holds precious memories.
  • The old house just isn’t suitable anymore and is in constant need of maintenance.
  • We’re so close to the city – moving would mean driving an hour to get to work.
  • We’ve got the children into a great school and don’t want to disrupt them.
  • We can subdivide the block and sell part of it to pay for the new home.
  • It’s going to cost as much to renovate our old home as it will to build new.
  • We just want a modern home with all the latest design and energy efficient innovations.

Whatever your reason, the secret to success is partnering with the right builder. With more than thirty years’ experience, Wilson + Hart knows what it takes to demolish + build with confidence. From in-depth planning, to assessing your site, designing your home, organising a trusted demolition contractor, service disconnections, licences, approvals and execution, we’ll ensure the entire process is seamless and painless.

Call us on 0413 748 700 or email us to discuss the potential of demolishing and building a new home for you.

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