Multi-Unit Property Development

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Looking to execute seamless residential property development? Partner with Wilson+Hart and build with confidence. Be it a house behind a house or a multi-level, multi-unit Class 2 development, we have the experience and capability to deliver.

“Great team, Anthony spent his time going through all the costs involved on his investment calculator making everything very clear for us to go forward with our subdivision investment” – Kathleen, Spearwood

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Single + multi-unit developments

We design and construct multi-unit strata developments and small apartment (class 2)projects, from concept to completion. Whether on-selling for instant profit or holding for long-term capital growth, we’ll tailor a design that maximises every square meter to ensure we deliver an optimum return on your investment.

  • Conduct a free appraisal of your development site
  • Assess your site and value as of “today”
  • Advise on what you could achieve in accordance with Local Authority and Residential Design Codes (R Codes)
  • Quote approximate construction costs based on your specifications
  • Design in-house complete with one-on-one interaction to ensure a unique design tailored to your exact needs
  • Complete all relevant development applications and approvals
  • Liaise with the relevant authorities
  • Keep you fully informed on progress along the way.

Ready to start your property development journey? Call us on 0413 748 700 or email us via and develop with confidence.

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