Build your knowledge. Build with confidence.

When it comes to building with confidence, knowledge is king. So before you embark on your journey, we’ve pooled together some helpful resources to ensure you’re 100% comfortable with all that lies ahead.

The more answers you seek, the more questions arise (that’s a good thing). Start the process, then tap into our vast knowledge bank with a casual chat and see where it leads you.

Building timeline

The building journey can be broken into six main stages – Design, Planning, Documentation, Construction, Handover and Maintenance. While each client is unique, the following timeline will help you guide you on what’s involved at each stage and roughly how long it will take.

At Wilson+Hart, we use the latest technology in project timeline tools to ensure you can track your home’s progress from design phase into construction and beyond.

New home budget planner

There are lots to consider when setting a budget for your new home, from the level of finishings you select to the builder’s level of involvement up to key handover.

We’re extremely open with our pricing (before you sign on the dotted line) and offer the flexibility to scale our involvement up or down to meet your needs. Our budget template is designed to help you determine roughly how much you’ll need to complete the home.

Designing a new home

At Wilson+Hart, we’re true ‘Individual Home Builders’. That’s because 80% of the homes we build are tailored to the lifestyles of the owners, whether that’s altering a design from our portfolio, or custom designing to your needs from the ground up.

Our downloadable design questions guide answer some of the things our clients are most curious about in the design process.

The building process

So you’ve bought a block – now you want a design that fits. What happens next?

Our Detailed Guide to the Building Process will open your eyes to the building journey, including a helpful section on the council planning process.

Buying a block

Our e-book 12 things to consider when buying a block to build on will guide you through some of the issues when looking for that ideal lot, especially if you’re considering buying a home to demolish.

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