Property Investment

Build a New Home for Property Investment

Investing in property has long been renowned as a great way to build wealth. The key to a smooth, enjoyable and profitable project is partnering with the right people – so tap into the vast experience of Wilson+Hart.

Whatever the challenge, from narrow lots to battle-axe blocks or foreign investments, we’ll work with you to develop, design and build with confidence.

  • Build a new house to rent or sell
  • Subdivide to unlock the potential of an existing block
  • Build a multi-unit development on site
  • Invest in property as part of a syndicate

Our off-the-plan designs are some of the most competitively priced in Perth – minimise the hassle and maximise your profits with Wilson+Hart.

Property development investment syndicates

We are often asked to identify and source profitable property developments for investors, past clients and friends. Most people see this as an opportunity to use capital tied up in other property to earn an income that can be used to generate greater wealth.

  • Vacant strata
  • Duplex and triplexes
  • Multi-unit sites
  • Small commercial projects

We can often bring all parties together in a syndicate and tailor a development to suit. These property developments are completely secure, backed by land titles and progress payments to remove the need for upfront lump sums.

You can invest with confidence knowing we’re usually one of the syndicate members ourselves. In some cases, we are even able to arrange finance, usually through existing equity that can be used over and over again without additional establishment costs.

Have more questions? Check out our FAQs section for more information or call us on 0413 748 700 for a quick chat.

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