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The Wilson+Hart difference

Wilson+Hart is a small, dedicated team of building professionals headed by Owner and Managing Director, Anthony Kinder.

All members of our team are experienced with sound technical knowledge and practical application – but we also take pride in personal engagement, with each team member generally full bottle on each client and their job progress.

Trust us when we say that makes all the difference. When our phone rings, anyone can pick it up (more often than not, they’ll know who you are simply by the sound of your voice). You won’t get passed around the sales pipeline. And because we know who you are, we can answer your queries confidently and accurately, on the spot.

Here’s a little about us.


Previously the manager of Australia’s largest home building company, Anthony Kinder’s decision to move to Wilson+Hart was simple:

“You had to say no to a lot of things. I could see in a lot of clients’ faces they weren’t happy, they were spending their biggest investment ever and you could see the dream evaporate.”

In the day-to-day running of Wilson+Hart, Anthony sets priorities for the team to ensure timelines are met without compromising quality – a delicate yet achievable balance. With a passion for client liaison and service, Anthony believes being a true building partner makes all the difference.

“I’m there, I don’t care if it’s a Saturday or Sunday, if you need to see me and say ‘we don’t like the look of that’, then I’m there.”


Our onsite supervisor is a registered builder and personally supervisors every job. Armed with more than 30 years of onsite experience, we’re proud to say he has been with Wilson+Hart since 2000. He will visit your home twice a day if needed, and promises to be there every step of the way to ensure the job is running smoothly.


Our estimator will price up a new home (including any variations required) and finalise the contract document for you. He is highly experienced having previously worked for a number of premium builders, so those quirky little things you’d like in the home are no problem, you’re not limited to what’s in some office showroom.


Schedulers are the people who organise materials to be delivered to site. They’ll calculate the bricks to ensure there is enough for your job. Ours has vast experience in two storey homes spanning ten years, has achieved a building diploma and is a registered builder.


Our in-house designer is extremely well regarded in the industry, accumulating more than 25 years of experience and a host of recognition including multiple awards for Homes of the Year and Golden Key designs. Our senior draftsperson is very technically competent with a magnitude of experience having worked with companies large and small.

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