Perth Home Builders for Over 30 Years 

Wilson and Hart are highly experienced Perth home builders who have been building quality new homes in Western Australia for over thirty years.

We design and build single and two storey homes with a focus on quality at realistic prices.

We aim to offer something different to other Perth home builders by giving our clients maximum flexibility to customise a home design to their needs without additional costs and by providing clients with an exceptional level of customer service that results in well-designed, quality built homes.

At Wilson and Hart, we call ourselves individual home builders, meaning 80% or more of what we build are one off designs, created specifically for our clients as an unique design – either customised from one of our existing home designs or created from a client brief.

Why is Building with Wilson and Hart different? 


We take pride in being small and independently owned Perth home builder whilst maintaining a reputation as a highly respected member of the West Australian home building industry.

As a boutique builder, we offer what other’s can’t – direct contact. Our client’s enjoy direct contact the whole way through the building process – with our staff, the company owner, the sales consultant. There’s no passing from one person to another. It’s how we live up to our value, “we do what we say we’ll do”.

At Wilson & Hart, your site supervisor will be a registered builder. All builders have a registered builder on staff but that doesn’t mean they even visit your home while it is under construction. This is one of the key differences with building with Wilson and Hart. Your home needs attention to make sure things don’t get missed that will affect the way the home is built and we provide that.

Wilson & Hart clients enjoy one on one interaction. They enjoy the ability to customise their design, the ability to choose materials independently.

How we do this is by offering professional services to our clients including a professional interior design service, a kitchen designer, even a lighting specialist that can liaise with the electricians.


We offer a range of single and double storey off-the plan home designs that can be individually customised for your needs.

At Wilson and Hart, we pride ourselves on providing customers with maximum flexibility to make changes to our designs, so that you achieve the exact design that meets your lifestyle and individual needs within your budget.

We encourage you to customise and make changes to our off-the-plan home designs to meet your own needs. We can start with one of our off-the-plan home designs and help you make changes to make it fit your particular lifestyle, your family’s preferences and your budget.

Whether you want to add extra bedrooms or bathrooms, living or alfresco space, or special features such as a games room, sewing/craft room or granny flat for multi-generational living – our design team will be happy to discuss your needs with you to ensure your new home is the perfect solution for you.

We offer a wide range of different elevations and finishes so that you can choose your preferred look for your dream home.

Take the time to have a chat to us about your needs and we can help you find the right design solution to build a new home within your budget.


We specialise in providing a custom design service for clients who want to build a custom home based on their own ideas to create a unique custom design just for you.

If you can’t find a home design to meet your needs, or if you have your own design ideas on how you want your home to look and flow – we can help you with our custom design building solution.

If you are looking at buying an unusually shaped block, or already have bought a narrow block and can’t find the right design to fit the block – we can help you.

We can sit down with you and talk through your needs or if you already have a plan in mind – bring it in and show us what you want and we will cost it for you.


If affordability is a priority, we have a wide range of off-the-plan single and two storey home designs that have been carefully planned to provide the types of features that are in demand in new homes to make the most of the West Australian lifestyle.

Building a new home off-the-plan gives you a quick and affordable solution – particularly when building a two storey home. You can easily see and visualise how your new home will look and can look at different options to ensure that you can find a solution that can work within your budget.

Our home designs are designed to maximise the floor space that you can build on a budget without compromising quality. In particular, our two storey home designs are one of the most competitive offerings in the Perth home building market.

Compare our plans and prices to other Perth home builders and you will discover just how affordable building a new home with Wilson and Hart can be.


At Wilson and Hart, we understand that when you build a new home you want the very best design solution for your needs. To make it easier to find the perfect home for you, we have developed a range of single and two storey home designs that offer a wide choice of configurations to fit different block sizes and lifestyle preferences.

For example, you can choose from over 40 two storey home designs with Wilson and Hart. Or if you need a unique solution – ask us about our custom design service.

Whether you are looking for a large family home with four or five bedrooms, a home theatre and large alfresco space, or are building on a narrow or compact block and only need three bedrooms but prefer large open plan living spaces – we have a home design that can meet your needs.

If we don’t, we can customise an existing home design for you or create a unique home design just for you.


Whether you are looking to build a single or two storey home, our flexible approach means that we can help you find a solution that meets your needs and budget.

Whether you are building for the first time, looking to upgrade the size of your home, planning an investment in property or unlocking the value of your existing residential property by demolishing and rebuilding – our team of expert building professionals can help you find the right home design for you and your budget.

Simply call us on 08 9349 1199 or email us via and we can help you start your exciting new journey to build a new home.