What do I need to consider when building for Property Investment?

The key to successful property investment when building a new home in Perth or Western Australia, is to work with a builder who knows the local market.

Wilson and Hart have been respected Western Australian home builders for several decades and we understand the Perth and WA market. We know the best locations and we are happy to work with you to design an investment product to fit your investment needs and we are able to manage the whole process for you to make the process easy and give you peace of mind.

Some of the things you might like to consider:

  • Buying in a cheaper suburb that has capacity for growth.
  • Buying in a more expensive area but maximising your budget to make a home really fit into the area and maximise its value.
  • Buying a block that has future development potential.

Some important questions to ask before you buy a property for investment and to build:

  • Will the block I am interested in be able to fit the home on it that I can afford to build?
  • What is the proximity to services such as universities, hospitals, transport (trains, buses, airport), commercial areas like shopping centres or social areas like cafe& restaurant locations.

Everyone has different views on what is important to them and their circumstances and Wilson & Hart can discuss locations and the benefits with you.

When should I involve Wilson and Hart in the property investment process?

Before purchasing a block, if you’re unsure about what the costs will be to build on it, we’d be happy to organise to meet you to walk over the block to discuss any issues you are concerned about.

You could be considering demolishing an established house and we can advise re this process and look at issues that regularly arise with this type of development.

Things we can look at for you are:

  • Are there any large trees on the block?
  • Existing swimming pools or septic tanks that need to be removed or worked around?
  • What are the levels like and will it be expensive to level the block to build a new home?

All of these items are important considerations and if you are unfamiliar with building in Perth, it’s well worth having the discussion with a builder that provides genuine one on one service.

Wilson & Hart is your trusted builder for property investment in Perth and Western Australia.